Pur Music

Android App für Notendarstellung

Pur Music

Android App für Notendarstellung

About PuR Music

Who are we and why is there MuDi?

We, as the founder and source of ideas of MuDi are based in and around Stuttgart, Germany and members in brass bands. We know the handling of music by own experience. Both of us have completed a computer science degree with diploma (Master) and have merged with MuDi our practice with sheet music management and our software architecture knowledge.

Motivated by:

  • New members to the orchestra do not always have all the scores ready, neither for occasional small performances nor for the big concerts.
  • The sheet music is heavier than the instrument (well, for some instruments…)
  • No risk in archiving of music (damage by heat or humidity)
  • Bad, unreadable copies, ull of scribblings.
  • For performances outdoors, the sheet music is difficult to read due to the lighting conditions, unless they have not been soaked with rain or blown by the wind.

All of those topics gave us reasons to think about the distribution of music in orchestras and choirs.

We develop MuDi for Android Tablets and give musicians and bands easy access to their assets.


How does the flow of sheet music from publisher to musician during the performance look like?

  • The orchestra procures the music in electronic file in MusicXML format.
  • The orchestra registers on our web site and gets enough storage space for thousands of songs for free.
  • The songs are uploaded to the exclusive online store via MuDi (via Band Lead) and require (only at this moment) an Internet connection. The score material is available offline on the tablet aftewards for individual exercising.
  • Have fun making music the new way!

 There are two environments for MuDi


Band Lead

Usually the device of a conductor


Device of an individual musician from the orchestra



MuDi for band leads

The band lead device will keep all music scores of the orchestra in order to be able to make changes to the program (playlist) at any time, even at short notice (note paper otherwise has to be found in an archive and then distributed in a costly, time-consuming manner).

The Band Lead puts together playlists, and after their activation (as part of a rehearsal or performance), the notes are distributed to the registered musicians’ individual tables, if not yet available. This does not require an Internet connection.

The Band Lead works its way through the songs in its playlist and sets the speed at which the note or measures appear to the musicians.


MuDi for musicians

When playing music, the band lead device will synchronize all music instruments in time, which each musician receives his music scores:

– The search for “Da Capo” or repetitions on previous sheets is over
– Tempo changes are displayed in time
– key changes are displayed in time

A gust of wind or other bad luck in open-air performances is a thing of the past.
Poor light conditions on stage or rehearsal are no longer obstacles to the perfect performance.

Try it!