Pur Music

Android App für Notendarstellung

Pur Music

Android App für Notendarstellung

MuDi – your digital music folder

With MuDi, PuR Music provides a tablet-based solution that supports the entire flow of sheet music, from the publisherto the performing musician. MuDi allows the synchronization of the digital sheet music to the individual musician’s devices. All connected musician devices are in sync with conductor’s progress. No page flipping anymore.


What is so special about MuDi, compared to paper?


For all kind of musicians

  • All difficult lighting conditions on stage, such as in the rehearsal room can be mastered.
  • Every musician or singer can adjust the score to his own individual zoom factor.
  • The quality of the score is not affected by copying, scribbles and weather conditions.
  • Heavy sheet music folders are a thing of the past.
  • A change of literature during a performance is taking place instantly. Flying sheets during a performance is passé.
  • All sheet music from the entire repertoire is always available anytime, anywhere.
  • The repertoire is synchronized from an electronic archive with band lead’s device and distributed from there to the devices of the registered and connected musician’s devices.
  • During a performance, the musician can be timely display hints in terms of tempo and key changes.
  • No more disorientation and time-consuming scrolling on large, (in paper) multi-page works at repetitions, codas, da capos, etc.

For conductors, band leads

  • The conductor compiles a bibliography per performance, which forms the basis for the automated literature changes during a performance.
  • Central reworking of the literature of individual registers or instruments (emphasis on dynamics, voice, etc.)
  • The conductor can adjust the performance during the game, mainly the speed of the note flow.
  • The number of cycles from which you play can be specified directly.
  • Automatic play list message for the GEMA.

Music publishers

For music publishers we offer:

  • An integrated web shop for digital sheet music based on MusicXML
  • Sale of the electronic literature with encryption of the sheet music, whereby the literature can not be copied among other bands or individual musicians.

Please contact us directly to analyze your needs

We are developing our MuDi Software for Android Tablets.