Pur Music

Android App für Notendarstellung

Pur Music

Android App für Notendarstellung

A unique approach for managing and displaying electronic sheet music

We create state-of-the-art software solutions for the presentation of music sheet music of all kinds and their distribution and synchronization in orchestras, choirs and ensembles, etc. MuDi is a tablet-based solution that covers the entire flow of music literature, from the publisher's or dealer's purchase to the performance, supported.

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For whom is MuDi suitable?

For all of music performing professionals and amateurs

The score is displayed on a handy tablet. Every musician or singer can adjust the score to his indivisual viewing comfort. Heavy music folders are a thing of the past.

Conductors, and band leads

Conductors and band leads can compile and edit playlists for each performance. Those are provided to the band members automatically.

Music publishers

We offer for music publishers an integrated (plug-in) webshop where the music can be licensed, securely encrypted and propagated to the band. The licensed scores can be read only by the band which purchased it..

About PuR Music

We develop MuDi for musicians

Digital music scores

With MuDi, we enable easy digital distribution and synchronization of sheet music on tablet devices used by soloists, bands and orchestras.

Score Display

Opimized presentation of scores on display matching musicians preferences. The scores are displayed without permanent Internet connection.

Encryption of sheet music by publishers

Arrangers and amateur composers are able to manage their own sheet music with MuDi, basing on international standardized formats.

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